Thursday, August 20, 2009

Qi Beast

One of my favourite bloggers is Orac over at Respectful Insolence. He is a Doctor of humans and I saw him speak at TAM7 on the Anti Vax Vax panel.
Last month on his Friday woo special he did one on healing pets through various types of dumbness.

Here is the link to his excellent post.
Paw-erful woo for paw-erful pets

I thought I would look around and see who else is out there peddling wooness.
Typed into Google 'energy healing for dogs' to sees what I could see.
There is alot out there, its hard to know where to begin and how to approach it.

If it is done on humans, someone will do it for pets.
Reiki, is a popular one. Basically it is healing using energy by waving your hands over a sick person or animal. You don't even have to touch them or be in the country.
The Animal Reiki Source site is a mine of random illogical wishy washy feel good statements. It does my head in just to read it. I really have a hard time believing people can say and believe this stuff with a straight face. It embarrassing to read it.

They are very into animal communication, which is a whole another topic to explore.
Is is all a scam or do they really truly believe they can manipulate and transfer Qi, which is some vague spiritual energy that is everywhere and can be used for good.
(I haven't found a evil reiki site yet, mores the pity)

I found this site called "Energy Healing For Dogs".
I asked to be sent information so I'll see what I get.
Now he does say visit a vet before waving crystals around.
" Energy healing does not take the place of good medical diagnosis and treatment."
So what exactly does it do then? And why would I bother?

"The treatment needs to be agreed with the dog and the healer. When the dog agrees they become attentive to the energy and take in the healing."
How does it happen? How do you know when the dog has agreed, and if the dog continues to be a space cadet, do you blame the dog or the crystals?

"Distance healing energy sessions are also offered."
This is another favourite phase of mine which is used to all manner of woo.
We can do it over the phone! Is the phone transmitting the energy? Can it be measured?
Actually I don't know if they use the phone so maybe its just thinking hard about the animal and its complaint that they don't even need to know what it is.

'Practitioners, do not diagnose, and in fact, do not need to know what the health issue is.'
....ohh my head hurts

I know people want to do right for their pets, they want to feel close and a connection that is more than just being a feeding and walking servant.
We all anthropomorphise animals, its our way to try and understand and enjoy our pets more. Though when I see my dog eat its own crap, It reminds me that they are still beasts and not four legged babies that will one day grow up and clean up the toilet roll they chewed up and scattered through out the house. They never will, I will always have to sigh, crawl around picking up the pieces, while getting licked in the face.


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