Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beast Woo- The Beginning

I went to The Amazing Meet!ng 7 in Las Vegas earlier this month. It was a convention on critical thinking and skepticism. There were many great speakers and several mentioned how daunting it can be to talk and write about these things, so find something that interests and concerns you and just do it. This inspired me to find a small corner of the world of woo and try to shed some light upon it.
I'm a vet tech and I work in a animal shelter. Lots of very cute puppies and kittens in my world.
I know several very good vets and have access to great scientific, real world facts about vet medicine and animals. Plus there is always the internet, which is both a curse and a blessing. Filtering out the woo and finding decent information can be a challenge.
So I hope with this blog that I can explain, demystify and educate a little.
I know I have a lot to learn and I'm hoping this will be a fun experience.

I have two fabulous dogs, Darwin and Roo. Life is a lot more fun with them around, and I promised them I would never call on a pet psychic to make them explain why they ate a hole in the wall. I really don't want to know.